Virginia lawmakers vote to decriminalize cannabis and $25 fine for possession

High-lights Violations will be like traffic violates and a $25 fine for possession of up to an ounce of cannabis  Bipartisan support from both the state senate (27-12) and the house (56-36) If Governor signs off on the bill, it will take effect July 1, 2020 Cannabis arrests reached their highest level in the past […]

Legalization of cannabis forces cartels out of the market

High-lights States that have legalized cannabis have done more damage to the cartels than the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration). Cartels move away from smuggling cannabis and on to other substances (e.g., opioids, fentanyl) Supreme Court Justice stated cannabis prosecutions have also reduced Wins Smuggling of cannabis has declined when states legalize cannabis Reduce the number […]

South Dakota will vote on recreational and medicinal cannabis this November

High-lights South Dakota Marijuana and Hemp initiative  Amends the state’s laws allowing adults (21+) to possess, use, transport, and distribute cannabis up to an ounce Requires the state to pass laws hemp for cultivation and processing no later than April 1, 2022 Measure 26  Creates a medical cannabis program allowing patients with a debilitating medical […]

Top Mexican Senator -cannabis legalization is a priority in 2020

High-lights The Mexican Senate is making the legalization of cannabis top priority Obligated by the constitution to create regulations and legal framework for cannabis Congress has until April 30, 2020, to analyze the bill before voting  Wins Legalization has potential for lowering crime and cartel/drug/crime activity Potential for another international win for cannabis. Help elevate […]

First day of Illinois legal cannabis sales exceed $3.1 million

High-lights 77,128 transactions = $3,176,256.71 Average purchase was about $200 Stores opened at 6 AM with hundreds of people waiting inline Thursday was the last day to apply for 75 available dispensary licenses Minority investors have additional points in the application process  Licenses will be awarded by or before May 1st, 2020  Wins Additional tax […]

Cannabis legalization could appear on 2020 ballot for 16 states

High-lights Measures include citizen-led actions requiring voter signatures, and referendums lawmakers must agree on to appear on the ballot.  Cannabis initiatives increase voter turnout in every demographic  Wins Increase voter turnout Lead to medicinal access to those who need it. Some states will erase criminal records related to cannabis possession  Source: Forbes Author: Tom Angell

Chicago begins abandoning 1,000 cannabis convictions

High-lights One thousand motions were filed Wednesday in Chicago, IL, to vacate low-level marijuana convictions. Technology developed by Code for America is being used around the country to clear convictions. The court’s clerks’ office will notify defendants if their related criminal record are deleted. Why it’s a win A chance to permanently remove convictions of […]

Illinois becomes the 11th state to legalize recreational cannabis

High-lights January 1st, 2020 adults (21+) can legally use marijuana  Criminals’ records of possession of 30 grams or less not tied to a non-violent crime will be reviewed and removed.  IL Residents are allowed to possess up to an ounce of cannabis, 5 grams of concentrate, and 500 milligrams of edibles.  Why it’s a win […]